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Well Hello!       
I have had a few changes this year, and one of the big ones is moving on from “Spirit Rising Yoga”.

I am still teaching yoga and meditation, providing healing and private sessions, and now I am doing it under my own name “Briellen McAlpine” .

You can now find me at:


I hope to see you over there very soon!

Yoga is a good stretch ( perhaps not in the exactly the way you expect!), and it is so much more.
As are you –  more than you think, more than your history, more than your story.

We all  have the universe inside of us, waiting to be discovered.

Join me, Briellen McAlpine, for a journey of body mind and spirit that goes deep into you, exploring what makes you tick, shifting the old and the tired, while we shake and wake your potential.

You will be in good hands, held in the space of my 15 years  practice as a yoga and meditation teacher,  and 20 years walking and working in the energy healing realms. 

Our time together will be as much about fun and play as it is depth, connection, healing and authentic exploration, as we energise  your spirit, your body and your life .

Through yoga, meditation and healing practices I will help you to deepen your connection to your self on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, inviting you into a richer and more fulfilling life experience.

Your  life as you imagine, the life you sense and feel can be; and it is created by you, for you.

The more you connect with you, the better we can connect with each other and the world around us
this is what we bring to life.

embodiment | presence
 Get to know who you are, find your place in the world.     


 Briellen McAlpine | Spirit Rising Yoga
 0422 963 207 

Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing there is a field.
I will meet you there – Rumi
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