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Sat Nam, Welcome to Spirit Rising


discover life from the inside out; live your vibrance

At Spirit Rising Yoga and Meditation we offer you much more than a good stretch; through our yoga, meditation and healing practices we help you to be more in contact with your self on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, inviting you into a richer and more fulfilling life experience.

Your  life as you imagine it can be, for you, by you.

The more you connect with you, the better we can connect with each other and the world around us – this is what we bring to life.

embodiment | presence

Learn to move your body, move your energy, breathe and release; reconnect via the breath, the body, sound and meditation bringing you home to your true self and your inner qualities.

So whether you are looking for inner peace, vibrant health, strength, vitality or more meaning in your life, we are here to help you make that your reality, your life and the life you live. 

Be as healthy, relaxed and vibrant as you can be.
Experience the wealth of health,  and being nourished from the source of  your inner world.
Experience yoga, meditation and healing practices for relaxation, healing,  strength, to relieve stress and live from your own true self – knowing who you are, and knowing your place in the world.     

yoga | meditation | healing | transformation


stay in touch

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Regular bliss

 sunday 10am

With yoga and meditation in your life you can have sunshine everyday, regardless of the weather – let’s get your inner glow ON...

Refresh and restore your energy levels, build strength & flexibility of body, mind and spirit, support your body to be healthy and vibrant.

Prana Yoga & Meditation offers you an experience of balance, integration, embodiment and wellbeing, while you reconnect and build awareness.
This dose of yoga and meditation ‘practical magic’ is designed to tune you in, tone you up and chill you out with a strong body, clarity of mind and an abundance of energy – prana.

Where? Spirit Rising Yoga Lounge
Session fee? $17 casual or $150/10 class pass

please book, & we will have your mat ready

vitality | serenity

workshops &
retreat days

strength | awareness

private classes
& healing sessions

Take some time for your self, and invest in your wellbeing, your true wealth. This is what a personal yoga, meditation or healing session is for – you investment in yourself, supporting you in your life.
Whether we need to realign your body, deepen your breath, clean up your mind, move your emotions or straighten out your energy field, we will work  together to  support you to create the changes and healing you need.
So get ready to dance with your demons, air out your cupboards and polish up your edges so that you can better live aligned, balanced and centred in yourself. That is the foundation of a nourished and vital life.

Contact me – Brie – to discuss your needs:
ph 0422 963 207 | 02 6655 2463
Face to face and SKYPE consults/classes are available.

clarity | balance


Spirit Rising Yoga

Spirit Rising Yoga Lounge

479 Kalang Road, Kalang
Bellingen, NSW 2454
(6 minutes out of Bellingen)

0422 963 207 or 02 6655 2463

Spirit Rising Yoga
479 Kalang Road, Bellingen, NSW 2454 | 0422 963 207 or (02) 6655 2463

Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing there is a field. I will meet you there – Rumi
Spirit Rising Yoga